Notification module for users "alerts"

A configurable notification module is required for model events according to their “no triggers” status, and consider configuring who or who will send the notification and under what criteria

Hi Anibal,

Could you describe the problem that you are trying to solve? Why it should be usefull?

We have a notification_email module which can be used to send notification on each trigger action. Maybe that should fit your needs

Hello, the alerts must be configurable not only in the trigger, but for example an employee requests a permit, this permit must be notified via alert but to his immediate boss, depending on his department or address.

In the same way that officials can change, it should be possible to specify which person will be notified automatically, and it could be more than one.

We have no oficial module for requesting permits. But if you have some custom one, you can trigger an email notification with the module already sugested.