Newsletter June 2023

After the Tryton 6.8 release the developers are sprinting toward the next long term support (LTS) version 7.0 which is planned to be released in November 2023. Also please don’t miss our News from the Tryton Unconference 2023 in Berlin.

Changes for the User

In CSV exports with the option selected to use locale format, we now use the local time zone for date-time fields.

In the project_invoice module we now show the invoice line field on the time sheet line form. This is useful to get an understanding of the invoiced hours. The field is not shown if the user doesn’t have read access to invoice lines.

To have a clearer picture of the debts of a company, we’ve added receivables and payables to it.

Screenshot of receivables and payables in company

Invoice lines now have pay, block and unblock payment buttons to be able to directly create payments from within the invoice form.

Changes for the System Administrator

Now, when saving a CSV export definition, the options to export listed records or selected records and to ignore search limit are also saved. Printing an export as a report will also make use of the new saved options.

We removed migrations prior to 5.0.

Changes for the Developer

We moved the representation of sum in XML from the bottom row of the Tryton client into the column header. And the sum attribute is now converted into a boolean type.

Screenshot of timesheet lines with the sum of selected lines for duration

Authors: @udono @dave @pokoli


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