Newsletter December 2018

This month was mainly focused on fixing bugs.
But also it is the month where we finally closed the Google Groups in favor of this forum (users can post in there language thanks to translator plugin). We still manage two mailing lists for announces and commits. The former ones are archived.


Changes For The User

Some bugs related to the update of chart of account have been fixed. You may need to re-run the wizard to ensure your chart is in sync with the template.

The form view for the invoices and shipments on the sale and purchase form has been removed. Often the user tried to validate or post them from this view which is not always working due to some constraints from the clients design. Indeed the proper way is to open them using the relate feature which provide access to the complete workflow. The list views on the sale and purchase are just there to provide a quick summary.

After 2,5 years, the support for the series 4.0 ended as planned. If you are still using this series or any older, it is highly advise to upgrade to a supported series (the best choice to day is the LTS 5.0).

The “PieceDate” column of the FEC export has been changed for the move date. Before we used the post date but indeed the move date is closer to the definition.

With the removal in series 5.0 of the default accounts on journal, the journal cash report was broken. It was fixed by basing it on the moves of cash journal between receivable/payable and others accounts.

Now, all the tables are correctly responsive in the web client even when they are hidden behind a tab.

Changes For The Developer

An important security issue has been fixed on all supported versions. It allowed an authenticated user to guess value of fields for which he does not have read access.

In order to simplify and to enforce good practice, requires to always list the requested fields. Before if no list was provided, it returned the values of all the readable fields.

The documentation on proteus, the scripting library, is now available on Tryton Scripting Client — tryton-proteus latest documentation

The cache is now correctly cleaned even when an exception occurs during a test case.