Newsletter April 2024

During the last month we focused on fixing bugs, improving the behaviour of things, speeding-up performance issues and adding new features for you.

Changes for the User

Sales, Purchases and Projects

When processing an exception on an order, the user can ignore the exception and so no more related lines/documents will be re-created. But in case of a mistake it was not possible to cancel the ignore. Now we allow the Sale and Purchase administrator group to edit the list of ignored- lines to be able to remove mistakes. After changes to the list of ignored lines the user needs to manually reprocess the order, using the Process button, to restore it to a coherent state.

Accounting, Invoicing and Payments

Account users are now allowed to delete draft account moves.

Stock, Production and Shipments

When creating a stock forecast the warehouse is now filled in automatically.

Now the scheduled task maintains a global order of assignations for shipments and productions. A global order is important because assignations are competing with each other to get the products first.

User Interface

We now hide the traceback from an error behind an expander widget, as it may scare some users and it is not helpful for most of them.

System Data and Configuration

Employees are now activated based on the start and end date of their employment.

New Modules

The new stock_product_location_place module allows a specific place to be defined where goods are stored in their location. You can refer to its documentation for more details.

New Documentation

We reworked parts of the Tryton documentation.

How to enter in an opening balance.

We changed our documentation hub from readthedocs to self hosting.

New Releases

We released bug fixes for the currently maintained long term support series
7.0 and 6.0, and for the penultimate series 6.8.


Please update your systems to take care of a security related bug we found last month.

Changes for the System Administrator

We now make cron and workers exit silently on a keyboard interrupt.

We also introduced a switch on trytond-admin to be able to delay the creation of indexes. This is because the index creation can take a long time to complete when updating modules on big databases. Using this switch the database schema can be quickly created, but will be without the performance gain from the new indexes, which are not available yet. Another run at a more appropriate time without the switch can then be used to create the indexes.

For history records we now display the date time on access errors.

Changes for Implementers and Developers

We now use dot notation and binary operators when converting PYSON to a string when it is to be displayed to the user.

Authors: @dave @pokoli @udono

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