Improve end-users documentation

Great… and thanks on behalf of all ours Tryton users!

I think the documentation is quite a bit skinny for my end-users, and I’d like to improve it… in french. :slight_smile:

How can we contribute?

Feel warmly invited to contribute to Tryton community wiki - oder provide useful links to french docu at Tryton community HOWTOS. Send me a message with your contents - or ask @htgoebel for direct access to the wiki.


Nice to meet you @herrdeh.

Here is the way I want to organise our software verticalisations process based onTryton core (sorry for my non-technician words).

I want our contributions (in the first time improving technical documentation in french and, I hope, in 10 years, with beautifuls MR accepted by the community :wink: ) to be, as much as possible, integrated in Tryton core and commons.

Does Tryton community and HOWTOS do the trick?


The documentation is written via merge request following Tryton - How to Develop
It is done in English because it is the base language. For now we do not have already the resources to complete the existing documentation so translate it is not a goal for now.

Thanks you for the invitation as a Developer member.

Now, for example, it’s seems that a new introduced module must have a CHANGELOG.

But, here, the CHANGELOG of the stock_product_location_place module is empty.

Imagine, I want to improve that, “fixing” it like this (yes, I know, my MR will not be accepted :slight_smile: ), on the file :

+ Version 7.0.0 - 2009-07-31
+ --------------------------
+ * Initial release

And, well, it’s cool: my MR is accepted!

Thus, we will have a move like this (oui, je sais, je l’exprime avec mes mots, et c’est plus subtil que ça avec les branches, les tags et tout :slight_smile: :

C’est ça, si je comprends bien?

The changelog contains only which feature/behavior has changed since the previous release.

because it is a new module without any prior release.

But it wont because it is not correct information.

No there is no fork with heptapod. Everybody works on the same repository.

Good practice is to state exactly this in the changelog. Thus reader can see the changelog being complete. And actually creating a new module is a change: “New module”:slight_smile: