Need help for Installing all modules with shell script

i am trying to create a script to install modules how can i redirect stderr to txt file at the end of the execution?

here is the script;

echo ”Please Enter Tryton Server Version:”
read VER
echo ”Version is $VER”
echo ”You have 10 seconds to Cancel the operation - Ctrl+D to Cancel”

#Time flies fast lets make it slomo
for i in $(seq 10 $END); do echo $i; sleep 1.2 ; done
echo ”Started”
sleep 5

for module in `curl${VER}/modules.txt`
    python3 -m pip install --no-cache-dir --install-option="-O1" "trytond_${module} == ${VER}.*"

Credits to:

Modules Install - #2 by oscarQ

Thanks for sharing the script!

This is not tryton related but bash related. A quick search brings a lot of answers to your question.

yes it is bash, which is something around Tryton because it raised a need, it would be a nice help if there is a script here. I thought community help each other in any way to make things easy for each other, it is a win win :slight_smile: anyway, i could not figure out how to do it, since i am working on Tryton i thought it would be ok to ask on the forum.
You can close it, if it is not related.

in bash, redirection of errors is introduced by 2>> /file
either on script line or when you run it.

Thank you, i will try.