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is there a way to install all Trytond modules in one go?
i have installed trytond, client as well as Postgres SQL Server.
Instead of having to install one module at a time, can i install them all in one hit


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Yes, you can open the client and go to the “Administration/modules/modules” menú, after that you have to filter by the ones which are deactivated and select them all and execute the action “Mark for activation” and finally execute the action “Perform pending Activation/Upgrade”.
I hope it helps you.

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I think @Achal is talking about installing not activating.
You can fetch the list of available modules for each series at
Then you can use a simple loop to install all of them with pip, see tryton-docker: 4fafa1778bb1 5.4/Dockerfile

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That helped a lot

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