Multiple invoice for single order

Invoice normally we will have payment terms example 30% this month and 70%next month.

However, we will need to issue 2 invoice for getting the payment.

In tryton, only will generate 1 invoice with the data fixed.

So, if i want to issue 2nd invoice(70%) that the first payment (30%) has been paid. And request the residual amount.

In tryton, normally how to do?

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Tryton allows spliting an order to several invoices by default. In order to do so you should modify the invoice lines quantity to match the desired amount and then post the invoice with the 30% of the amount.
Once the invoice is posted tryton will generate a new draft invoice with the remaining quantities.

Note that I’m talking about quantities and not price because this is what tryton uses to determine which part of the order is invoiced and which not.

This is not how payment term works in accounting. You do not create an invoice for each term.
The payment term applies only on the payable account not on the revenue account.

in France, we could have such kind of invoicing that looks like @bala4901 is asking for.

it is a “facture d’acompte” which have a special treatment in accounting.

it is different from classical invoicing with payment terms.

@bala4901 could you explain what your are looking for ? it could help a lot if you are able to add a link to some official source (a government website for example) about it.

This is not payment term because the advance payment may never be paid by the customer so there is no sale. This is managed by the module sale_advance_payment.

I do not have official Website to describe on this because it is normal in our country.

Such as:
Company A, provide a project service to Company B with total project cost USD 4500.
The payment term as below:

  • 40% upon received PO (Purchase Order)
  • 30% upon Hardware On-site
  • 20% Upon site installation
  • 10% 1 Month after go live

PO received on 3th June 2020, then Company A will issued invoice with 40% from USD 4500 so, it will be Usd 1800 for the 1st Invoice.

  • And Then on 10th August 2020, hardware reach site then Company A issue 2nd Invoice which is 30% from 4500, it will be USD 1350 and stated It has been paid USD 1800.
    And remaining USD 1350 (4500-1800-1350)
  • Then installed on 15th September, then Company A issue 3rd Invoice which is 20%., will be USD 900. Which show 1st paid, 2nd paid and remaining USD 450 (4500-1800-1350-900).
  • On 15th October, paid the last Invoice which is USD 450

It should be 1 Orders but with 4 Invoices.
Normally, how to be treated?

Our country (Indonesia), treat the date payment of as Tax record

This is not sale order workflow by project workflow.
So you must have a work for each task with the proper price and you create invoice based on the tasks done for example. Or you can develop your own invoice method on project.

Then if normally, how are you going to provide the quotation?
In custom project module? or it do not fit to current sale workflow?

By other mean, it will be custom made?

For me, quotation would need to create the project any way.

Sale and project does not fit together see Link between sales and projects

@ced Thank you, understand now

In this case I will create a project with a fixed amount (using non hours units) and set the invoice method on progress.

Then you can udate the progress and use the invoice button to create an invoice with the correct amount based on the previous invoices and the percentage.

Furthermore, you can create a custom state with a minimum progress for each state, so when updating the state the invoice percentage will be automatically and then you just need to find the project and invoice it.

The quotation can be a custom state on the project, so once accepted you set to the “Accepted” state and set the progress to the amount to invoice.

Will you use current sale order to create Quotation then set the Invoice method (Manually).
Or will you use, project to print the quotation (I mean custom report)

We use a custom report as we generate it manually with all the details of the project.
Then we attatch it to the project so we have all tasks to be done.

This is what is works for us because we use generic products and use the project to explain what has to be done. Then on the invoice we include the project reference and task description (this is done by the project_invoice module) so the customer knows what the invoice is about.

I do not know, will it be rude?
Are you able to share the custom report for me have a glance to have the some ideas?
sorry about that

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