Migration from 6.8 to 7.0


  • [CONSOLE] After the upgrade you should fill the invoices amount cache using the following trytond-console script:

    >>> Invoice = pool.get('account.invoice')
    >>> invoices = Invoice.search([('state', 'in', ['posted', 'paid'])])
    >>> for invoice in invoices:
    ...     invoice.untaxed_amount_cache = invoice.untaxed_amount
    ...     invoice.tax_amount_cache = invoice.tax_amount
    ...     invoice.total_amount = invoice.total_amount
    >>> Invoice.save(invoices)
    >>> transaction.commit()

    Note that this process may take some time depending on the number of invoices on your database

  • [UI] Add a default price list line if price list has none and it was relying on the fallback price.
    Since this changeset, the price list does not return the original price. So for example on sale the unit price can be empty.

Please change the trytond-console script into a script whch can actually be copy&pasted. Currently it is the copy of an interactive session. Thx. (Feel free to delete this post when done.)