M2o dropdown not shows good when creating record in a tree editable

I have a treeview editable with many records, and when I want to add a new record, before it’s saved, it’s showed on the bottom, and when I scroll all the way down to fill a m2o the dropdown of the m2o isn’t showed correctly it appears below the form.

When I first scroll down until the last record of the tree to load all records, it looks good, I looked on version 6.0 and when you create a rec in a tree editable, sometimes it’s created below and sometimes above. Is there any way to tell tryton when creating a new rec to show it before it’s saved above or below?, I think that if I make to show it above, the m2o would appear correctly.
Thanks beforehand.

Not with Bootstrap 3.4, the dropdown is either down or up. But on latest version of Bootstrap, the default behavior is smart to choose the proper direction automatically.
But on recent version of Tryton, we solved most of those cases by having an order such that new records are inserted on top for editable list.

And how could I order my editable list, to make new records insert on top without changing any version?

You must order by id DESC or None (which is the default).

That was. Thanks a lot Cédric!

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