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I don’t know if this channel would be the correct approach to the subject I would like to post in this forum.
I would like to present a need for the use of Tryton, adjusted to meet the Brazil Localization, related to tax obligations, taxes and issuance of electronic invoices.
I do a lot of research on several ERPs, none of them compares to the ease of installation, configuration and use of Tryton.
The big problem related to the commercial use of Tryton is precisely the inclusion of a specific module to address the issues of tax obligations in Brazil.
I would like to get in touch with a developer who would be interested in working on the development of these resources to be used in Tryton.
If there is anyone interested, I would like to know the possibility, deadline and values ​​to adapt this need to Tryton.

I put below information and examples in open code, of solution packages implemented for other ERP(S), for the question LOCALIZATION BRAZIL.



Hi Luis,

Welcome to the Tryton community. Our discuss forum is the right place to discuss new tryton features.

If you want to add translations for your language, you can do it from on our translation server: There are already some translations for portugues. Feel free to create an account and include more translations if you think we are missing some.

We will be happy if a module to localize tryton is created. It will be great if its contributed to the foundation modules and maintained as standard module. Here are our contribution guidelines.

Before doing any line of code it will be great if you discuss what are the needs for the brazil localization.

I imagine you will need to create a chart of accounts. We have a tutorial which explans How to create your country localization module for accounts It will be great if you can share the links to an official chart that defines the chart of accounts. We use it as base for checking the correctness of the chart.

Are them some other needs that should be included?

If you are interested on hiring somebody we have a list of tryton service providers

Good afternoon Sergi.
Thanks a lot for the feedback.
Everything you put in is necessary.
I’ll try to organize and detail my need better and make a new publication.
But my main objective would be to incorporate in Tryton the Tax Legislation of Brazil, what we call (LOCALIZATION BRAZIL).
In the links I sent, we already have the modules for Odoo and Adempieri.
Perhaps if you were able to assemble the environment for installing these applications, including the corresponding modules, you would already have a better view of the needs for this extension.
But I’ll try to organize and detail it as best I can, and make a new publication.
Could you tell me, if for Tryton it already exists for any country, in which this package Fiscal, or Localization already works?
Thanks for your return.

If you want to succeed, I suggest you to break down the requirements in small specific requirements.
There are two types of requirements. New feature which is something that can not yet be achieve with standard modules, sometimes new features are only for a country but most of the times they can be solved with a generic solution for everyone. And they are the pre-configuration requirements, this is what we put in the account_<country> modules.
This last one is usually the last thing to do, the first thing is to identify the missing features in Tryton to be able to configure it for your use case.

We usually prefer to refer to description of requirements with link to official sources.
This is because we want to have in standard, solution that follow the general design of Tryton.

side note

And often we find that other designs are not up to the quality we want for Tryton.

All the modules with the pattern account_<country code>. But indeed as we enforce having generic/general solution, those modules are often just pre-configuration or API connection.

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