Where to find hosting services

Good Morning.
Could you point me to some host service, where I could have Tryton installed or pre-installed that I could hire?

Check the Tryton - Service Providers
But for now you have to look at the website of each one (until Issue 11710: Add services to providers - Tryton issue tracker is implemented).

I do.
You can get a free instance on http://sisalp.com
or buy a virtual dedicated server on Serveur virtuel pré-installé Tryton pour entreprise en ligne 1 an | La boutique de SISalp
Today, the virtual dedicated server (VDS) is free until you go to production (if you go to production).
VDS is open to other service providers if you wish so.

Good Morning.
Thank you very much.

Good Morning.
Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Good Morning.
I need to delve deeper to learn everything about Tryton.
I would also like to hire a host to try to install and configure Tryton.
It is guiding me through these documents:


What would be the ideal infrastructure for the installation and configuration of Tryton, considering Operating System and Database.

In my case it would be service with Ubuntu and PostgreSQL.

What would be the most suitable versions to use.

Another question I have please, in this case Tryton already has integration
like some E-commerce platform?


We recomend using PostgreSQL as database for production usage.
About the operating system, any system that runs PostgresSQL and Python. That means any Linux OS, MacOS or BSD OS. Altought it possible to run on windows, it’s easier to run on Unix Systems

I will recomend using the lastes stable or the latest LTS version.

Yes, we have integration with VueStorefront and Shopify. Its everything explained on the web section of our documentation.

If you want to get some training, we (my company) have a bunch of courses on trytonacademy.com