JSON issue/ API request

  1. We are unable to get/identify taxes on Sale line. can you give me JSON example?

  2. How to get/add attachment of sale & product? can you give me JSON example?

  3. Rightnow , server is responding image directly as binary data right now, can you able to provide image URL for faster user interface? This is for party profile picture & product image as well. We are unable to make asynchronous request to display image from binary data.

  4. We are not able to get other images of product which are added as attachment, we are only getting first image from API request as binary data right now.
    How can we get other images attched?

  5. Do we have any API for getting localised field names like: address,telephone,name,first name,gender,etc.? Right now, We are doing manually translation for field names & uses server response for field values.
    Right now, we are using manually translation.

Thank you,