How to get Tax on sale line while creating/updation sale in JSON

We are unable to get/identify taxes on Sale line.
Can I know the API request/method for it?

I am tryting to make json api request.

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Just read/write the taxes field of the sale line to obtain/set the taxes of the sale line.

Thank you for your answer
but still I am not clear with the what parameter/s is/are need to send with API request.

Can you give me an example for JSON?

Just use the read endpoint to read the field or the write to write on it.

I am not able to understand the params which need to send.

taxes = fields.Many2Many(‘’, ‘line’, ‘tax’, ‘Taxes’,

what values need for line,tax,Taxes??

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You don’t need to send anything about this values. This is the field definition and all the possible values are explained on the docs

The API is exactly the same for all the tryton models, you only have to understand how the modules you are working on are structured and then interact with the data.

I think we miss something!
I need to know the taxes applied on particular product while product is attach with sale line.

So, I want to know the taxes for creating/editing sale line.

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This is automatically managed by the client using the on_change_product method (which sets the taxes when the user selects a product). Here is the code

can you able to give me example for json?
I am only lacking in on_change_product method.

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Indeed is not as simple, you have to read the product taxes, and then apply the tax rules (if any). That’s why I refered to the code where everything is explained.