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I want to know if is there a standard module for job cards to manage maintenance of equipment and vehicles which include:

  1. Job card creation for breakdowns
  2. Schedules maintenance

There is no such module and what I see from my experience is that every client wants to have it differently.

I disgaree, All other ERP systems have some kind of module. This is a deal breaker.

So it will be great to explain whag are the features you are requesting to see if it fits the needs of somebody else


There are five main requirements:

  1. Equipment master
  • Maintain parent and child equipment incl equipment category, equipment manager, fuel type, make, model, variation etc.
  1. Technician
  • Name, skill level, recovery rate per hour normal time, recovery rate per hour overtime, recovery rate per hour Sunday time
  1. Jobcards for breakdowns
  • A breakdown job card is created when a fault is reported

  • Typical job card states are:

    `* Requested (created by end user)
     * Approved (after the equipment manager allocate an artisan or artisans, it can be approved)
     * Executed (One stock and time is issued, or even a purchase order is created and received from the job card)
     * Technician completed (Technicians are convinced they done the work)
     * Business completed (Business confirm or not the job is done correctly)
  1. Utility management
  • Issue fuel or capture meter readings, that will issue stock / not and trigger preventative maintenance
  1. Preventative maintenance
  • Per type of equipment create maintenance sheets e.g. per type of service what is the safety warnings, inspections, tasks and measurements and what stock items will be issued for the service

  • Multiple maintenance sheets can be linked to an equipment e.g. 15000km, 30000km, 45000km but rules are also required e.g. a vehicle needs to be services at 15000km or 1 year which ever one comes first

All of the above must create stock movements, and general ledger entries, as well as cost reports per equipment

This is more a PLM thing (Product LifeCycle Management).
If i can paraphrase it, i think you want:

  • A ticketing/help-desk system for collecting repair/maintenance request from your client
  • Generate maintenance ticket based on some rules (like lifespan of the product)
  • Keep track of a product maintenance/repair history
  • Keep track of employee hour on maintenance duty, and accessory expenses (like spare part), and generate an invoice on demand.

Correct me if I’m wrong @koekemoerac.

Yes correct, these products you are referring to is assets. Mostly from “internal” customer e.g. farms or packhouses.

For me, it is look like the kanban view in odoo or trello.

Which to monitor the state of the jobs and action to be done.

However, in tryton we can use different way which using tab(by domain)
View > domain

May refer to the sale which have (draft, quotation, confrim, process, all)

Sorry, I am a little bit lost. Where do I find what you are referring to?

The attached picture is using Tabs to show the state or workflow.

Thanks. I am with you.

Yes is exactly how one show manage the job cards.

Yes, if it exists, is here

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Thanks for all the inputs. Its highly appreciated