errors appearing


We get some “No access (” errors for menus that we didn’t have before. In user admin nothing like this. Comparing permissions in Groups with the demo server, I cannot find any differences. Is there any command to repair that on the server? How can this appear?

Not sure if this is related to your issue, but there was a problem fairly recently where a similar message was displayed when trying to open some wizards: You are not allowed to access "UI menu".

The fix is already commit to the 5.4 branch but it is not released yet. It will be released as trytond 5.4.7
Meanwhile you can use the 5.4.4 version which should not complaint about this errors.

Thks @pokoli, but I’m on 5.0. Maybe there will be a backport!

Indeed this is already released and contains the fix

For 5.0 series you should upgrade to tryton 5.0.20 which contains the fix!

Which trytond version are you running?

Thks, I upgraded and it works now.

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