You are not allowed to access "UI menu"


When I try to access the demo system and double click “Open Chart Of Accounts” I get:

You are not allowed to access “UI menu”.

So I try to go to the desktop version and open the demo system at and get:
could not connect to server.

I am sure this is something simple.



This is probably because someone mess up with the access rights.
The demo is reset every night so it should work again now.

HI Cedric,

I jus tried it. Same error.

Also, why am I not able to connect through the desktop app? I can ping the server.

Thank you.


Which user are you using?

You must allow connection on port 8000 for desktop and ensure that the known_hosts does not have an empty entry for

I’ve just tried it on trunk, and get the same thing for a normal user that is only in the “Account” group. I think it may be related to Issue 9108: Wizard with no access rules doesn't inherit model access rules by default - Tryton issue tracker and more specifically (which I can’t view).

Yes, I’ve just tried it before this review and it works, but after this it doesn’t, so I’m creating a bug report for it.

The bug report: Issue 9173: User in only the Account group can't open account wizards - Tryton issue tracker

OK so I would like to look at the chart of accounts and also look at how account moves are set up in the demo system. How can I get there from here? Can I download a backup of the demo database and run it on my server?

Use the user admin/admin until the bug is fixed.

Thank you so much. I will look but not touch.

Thank you for your fine work on this project