Invoice: numbers wrapped over two lines

I created some test invoices and they open successfully in Libreoffice.

I notice that values are wrapped. For example, the value CHF 1,386.00 in the Taxes boxes appears with the final 0 on another line, like this:

CHF 1,386.0

Can anybody make any suggestions about how to avoid this?

You should modify the report column sizes to make space available for all reports or reduce the font size.

If this is the standar report it will be great to improve it.

Can you please tell me where to make these changes?

Can it be changed through the tryton-client GUI?

Or does it involve editing a file somewhere in the server?

Is it possible to provide per-country or per-company versions of the template somewhere?

This should be done in the report template.

You can access the invoice template from the GUI. You need to open the Administration -> User Interface -> Actions -> Reports main menu item.

If you then find the Invoice report and switch to form view you can use the Save As button (downward pointing arrow) in the Content field to download/open the Invoice Template.

Once you have made the changes that you want, you then clear the Content field using the button with a X and use the magnifying glass button to select the invoice template you want to use.

I don’t think this is possible, but you could add different sections to the report and use if statements to only render the parts that are applicable to the various countries.

Also translations can be enabled on reports to translate them dynamically into different languages.