Installing sao in Ubuntu virtual environment

I have trytond up and running in a virtual environment (vers. 6.8.0) and would like to not use the desktop client but the web interface. All I found about this is a post about installing sao on a FreeBSD system and the post in this forum where it sais “Just follow the installation section instructions from readme file to get the web interface working (SAO)”. However I couldn’t find that readme file.
Can somebody point me to some documentation to help me to set up SAO in a python venv?

Here is the readme:

You might also find this post helpful Install Tryton sao web client on FreeBSD v13 – Dale Scott

Thanks for your help, ced and dalers. I did see the FreeBSD tutorial, but I wasn’t sure how that translates into a virtual environment setting. I’ll give it another try.

Sao is written in Javascript so it is completely apart from your virtual environment. The only thing you have to do is build Sao with nodeJS and make sure everything is placed in the right directory. That directory is configured in your trytond.conf under [web] for example root = /home/user/trytond/sao. When you enter your ipaddress or hostname with the port in your webbrowser then Tryton will serve the contents of that directory. You can test it by just creating an index.html with some text and see if you get it in your webbrowser.

If that all works, you can place Sao in that directory with all the contents and when you then get the index.html your webbrowser will also ask for the different Javascript files and start executing them which basically fires up Sao.

Thanks a lot edbo, I figured it out with these webpages:
Kartoza - Nodeenv: How to Install Nodejs in a Python Virtualenv ( for installing Nodejs)

PIP Install Git - A quick read - ActiveState (for installing git, which I found out was already installed)

Install Tryton sao web client on FreeBSD v13 – Dale Scott (for installing sao)

The last one is from Dale Scott (see above) Thank’s Dale.
Maybe this information helps others too.