Install on a standard web server

Hello, I’m very noob to tryton and trying to find out whether it will work for me.
Installing it with docker on my ubuntu 18 was REALLY quick and easy. But on the long run, it should live on a 24/7 connected server. I asked at my web hoster - I cannot get the docker extension to plesk; nor can I use pip.
Servers with dockers included still tend to be costly - are there other options? - My web hoster offers softaculous - will tryton some day be available there?
Cheers, Wolf

Most of the common web hostings do not offer docker nor python support. Just PHP and MySQL. But there are some other options arround:

  • A quick search let me to this page with some docker hosting services
  • You can rent a VPS server (there are a lot of cheap options) install docker on it and run tryton there.

But if you want to run docker on production you should create a volume to persist postgres data. See the where to store data of the postgres image readme.

If you plan to store attachments on tryton you should probably also persits the /var/lib/trytond/db folder of the docker image.

P.S: We should probably create a guide on how to setup tryton for production using docker :wink:

Thank you for your attention and your thoughts. I roughly have an idea what you’re talking about, but unluckily your message more seems to be “well, it’s not so easy”, more to learn and administrate than I can afford for next time.
I mentioned softaculous above - as far as I can estimate, that would be a really easy solution for the user, and not too difficult for the software provider. I wrote a little text on it here:, hopefully some fellow will give it a try.