"improve visibility" suggestion: provide tryton at softaculous


being a noob to tryton, I found it very easily installable locally on my ubuntu - but see that getting it to a cheap standard web server AFAIK is not possible.

An alternative could be softaculous.org. It’s an India based company, distributing mainly open source software. For the software provider, it’s free of charge, the company makes its money by charging web hosting enterprises. I’ve been using this service for many years now and had very little trouble with it.

They provide “few click installation” (my words) for hundreds of software packages, most prominent is WordPress. Quite some competitors of tryton are available at softaculous, such as YetiForce, Vtiger, Dolibarr, Akaunting, SuiteCRM, X2CRM, FrontAccounting, Zurmo, OrangeHRM, webERP, EGroupware, EspoCRM, Tine 2.0, Group Office, ChurchCRM, Zdoo, IceHrm.

I could not quickly find a number of softaculous installations world wide, the company talks of millions. So overall, it may be a good idea to join in there, it would make tryton available very easily with a few clicks to millions of people with just access to a cheap standard web server, but not to a much more costly cloud server running docker.

Softaclous staff responds reliable to tickets. To make software (they call it “scripts”) available, follow these instructions:

You can refer the below guide to make your own custom package:

Then you will need to add your custom script to Softaculous, you can refer the below guide for the same:

Sorry, doing this is beyond my own abilities, but it looks well-documented, so a skilled person should be able to implement it within acceptable time.

Wikipedia mentions these competitors to softaculous:

  • Installatron
  • Fantastico
    I cant tell about these, but they should have been mentioned anyway.

Of course I’m writing this little piece for highly selfish reasons - I’d like to have that possibility to easily install tryton on my server for myself. (-;


Such hosting does not seem to provide the requirements for Tryton. It is based on AMPPS stacks which is not compatible with the design of Tryton.

Ah. Please excuse my ignorance. And certainly you reflected about “delivering tryton within a docker container” ?