Improving SEO of

Since few days, I try to improve the SEO of by fixing issues and follow recommendations of different webmaster tools (Google, Bing, Yandex etc.).
I think I have reach a point where there is no much that can be done with the current content. Of course having more content will be better (I have already reminded the service providers to update their success stories).
Also I think we should target the keyword: ERP, Business Application, Open Source, Free Software, CRM, accounting, stock, production, e-commerce etc.

So I’m looking for new ideas or tips to improve the SEO. One important point is having a lot of external links (we have about 30K but mainly aggregator website).

I think the community should make an effort to create more content that links to the Tryton website.

I think one way would be that at least the service providers should have links to tryton website on their own website. I checked less than â…“ have such links (I excluded links from old news or on downloaded PDF). So I think we could add a new rule to stay on the list which is to put a clear link on his website. It could be on the homepage or on a dedicated page about Tryton services for example.

Is there any other ideas?

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Fist of all, check if Tryton - Become a Service Provider is fulfilled and remove dead links (I found at least 2)?

You can do it yourself: Tryton - Get Involved

You asked for ideas, and I wanted to help.
Glad that you appreciate it and act already w/o further review:;node=4eca33d53ebc

Maybe this helps as well?

The first time you enter you don’t get idea of an ERP or maybe you don’t appreciate all the functions and power of Tryton, you get the idea of a framework and a need to developt something to it work. IMHO tryton is a fully functionally ERP that requires minimal efford to work.

Something more, when you share the link of in twitter, it shares only the logo that don’t say much about tryton. Maybe an image update is necessary; for example, black color is good for developers but not for make it social.

My last comment: Tryton needs more success histories, there is a lot but need to be shared, I will contribute my bit in a few days.

No we have also the title and the description of the page that is set on the card.
I do not see how we could have an image that “says much about Tryton”.
For the news, we try to always have an dedicated image for it. I also set a dedicated logo to each success story.
But I do not see the link between this topic and SEO.

I have requested and send reminder since 3 months to the owners of success stories to update theirs for the new website. Up to now I received only one update (and the B2CK example).

Also in order to keep people reading success stories, I put at the end a link to another story.

For the record, I found that links on pointing to * had nofollow attribute (as any other links). So I deactivate it for all subdomain of and rebuild the HTML of all the posts. This will create some more internal reference links.

After 1½ month of working on many small improvements, we increased the unique visitors per day from an average of 1700 to an average of 2000 (so 17%).
On, we can see that we had some peak between 21st July to 16th Augustus which are probably due to the registration to different search engine like Bing, Yandex etc.
On Google search for “Open Source ERP”, Tryton now appears in the navbar but we are still on the second page.
The Google Search Console shows that the main enhancements that should be done are about the mobility of
Also I think we are still missing external referring sites, it will be great if everyone could put at least a link to Tryton on his website and make some blog post about its Tryton usage.
The next goal should be to reach 3K unique visitor per day :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Well 6 months later, we still have only â…“ of service companies that has back link to This is really a shame. Sometimes I feel that almost any of our users care about promoting Tryton. This is a very wrong bed because without promotion, the project can not grow. And without grow, the project can not renew and will slowly decline.

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I’m wondering if we should remove them from the service companies. If they don’t care about promoting Tryton on their website I do not see why we should care promoting them on our website

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I guess it will be a good start to first ask them explicitly. But at the end, it will not be enough to increase the reputation of because I’m pretty sure those website does not have neither a high reputation.
So we must find a way to have back-link from reputed website. For example, B2CK write for each release a news on which has a good reputation. But this is not enough, we must have such article in main similar websites around the world.

The backlink is important to increase the reputation of the destination website but the reputation of the website where it is placed is not important, because search engines measure the amount of links that index to that destination website.

Having more backlinks is much better!.

This is now important see point #112.

112. Linking Domain Relevancy: A link from a site in a similar niche is significantly more powerful than a link from a completely unrelated site.

this in bottom link:


That’s quite a list.

To summarize, here are the most important Google ranking factors in 2019:

  • Referring domains
  • Organic click-through-rate
  • Domain authority
  • Mobile usability
  • Dwell time
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Content quality
  • On-page SEO

interesting points: 87, 90, 120, 121,

Under what search terms should appear?

According to the first message the first keyword is ERP but that one is not even mentioned anywhere in the home page.

Even more business software is less frequently used than ERP.

In the united states is 2 to 1:,business%20software

And in the world is 8 to 1:,business%20software

So that is probably the first thing to be fixed.

For me, it would be good to appear with both prefix “Open Source” and “Free Software”:

“Business Software”
“Business Solution”

+ all the h4 of the features.

So probably a good thing would be to write content for each box like discussed on New website design

This is just my feeling. Unique visitor increase will be good but how to keep the visitor will be more much important.

In our website that showing the icons but the icons do not explain detail what is works?

And also the document for the module is too technical and not suitable for user who looking for erp product to read.

Should we make the user manual? Or basic platform user manual?

Can take example of Nexterp that easy to read for non tecnical user

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The explanation of each module is still missing. If we have it written it can be openend when clicking on the icon.

Any help on this will be much aprreciated.

I am in the halfway making the user documentation
using Help n Doc.

However, I still feel no good. Will try to contribute more in documentation