I can't find the records of the "account" field

Under "Dunnings"menu >“Line” > “Account” field , i can do new records but when i try to do a new dunning record and i go on more time to “Line” > “Account” field, i can’t find the Accounts that i already made ,and not even the standards accounts that i find them after create a chart of account .

Normally you never create dunning your self, you just run the wizard “Create Dunnings” which will use the due dates and procedure to create the dunnings.
Now I guess you try to create an account line from the dunning form and you do not find accounts. I guess it is because the company filled for the dunning is not the same as the one you already created accounts.

Good morning .@ced , thank you ,yeah even if i try to create an account line after running the wizard “Create Dunnings” and the company(the field that exist in the “Line” form ) is the same as the one created for accounts (the company that i mentioned in the administration) , still can’t find the accounts that i already made them in "Account" field.

But you do not have to create such line. Dunnings are created by the wizard based on existing move lines.

This is probably because you did not create any receivable account.
But again you do not have to create any dunning manually.