Overdue don't follow the configuration i made to go to the next level in dunning module

Hi ;

I have create a dunning witch have an

 invoice date 16/09/2021
effective date:16/09/2021 ,maturity date 16/09/2021

and in the procedure i have made 3 levels :

the first :01:00(after 1 hour)

i did that this morning but at now still on the state**“waiting”** and at the first level
ps: I have run the wizard to see by her self if it must go to the next level but i still find it in the first level!?
IS level work just with overdue if they are dates and not hours or minutes !?
so where am i wrong , Is the Level do not depend on what i wrote on the overdue!?,

Thanks, help please.

I do not think dunning overdue can work below the day precision because it is compared to maturity date which is a date.

you mean if i made for example a maturity date 16/09/2021 , after the first process dunning, i should run the wizard “create dunning” after 1 day from the maturity date to calculate if it can go to the next Level or not ?:

Am stuck on :disappointed_relieved:
*PLease can you give me example to make things clear for me, or if there is a document can guide me or something about this issue can help me .

EDit :I have trying put maturity date in another example **"15/09/2021" and i have create a dunning after running the wizard “create dunning” and this time it goes quickly to the next level because each time i rerun the wizard “create dunning” i find the dunning in state “draft” and i process it again, it goes to the next Level each time i rerun the wizard without respect the hours i wrote in each level ;

first level 1 hour 
second level :2 hours 
3 rd level : 3 hours
can you please explain how each level  works exaclty  with this field `overdue` because it doesn't respect the time  ?
THanks in advance

How i can make each level respect the overdue that i made, i want some guide here.THanks

Hi mimo_Alva,

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I guess, you try to test the functionality.
So just set the maturity date or the invoice date to 01/01/21, to create an overdue.

Please define your levels at least based on days, not hours.

Thanks for your response M.@udono ; why “01/01/2021” and should i do this in every dunning i create it ? and can you please explain to me how this field “overdue” works with each level i made? Thanks again so much .

It is just an example and a date in the past, to create an invoice which should be paid in the past. The dunings are triggered for over due payments, only. E.g. You have 2021-05-03 as an invoice date and a payment term for 10 days net, then you expect the customer to pay your invoice between 2021-05-03 and 2021-05-13, in this period the payment is undue. After this period the payment becomes overdue and can be handled with the dunning functionality.
Using a first dunning level of 1 day and a second of 10 days. Dunning levels must be based on days as a minimal unit, because all dates like invoice date, maturity date and effective date are dates and the minimal unit of a date is a day.

When you run the dunning wizard after on 2021-05-14, the first dunning is triggered. When you run the dunning wizard at least another 10 day later after the first run, the second dunning level is triggered.

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Thanks M.@udono,u make things more clear for me, i will try to make some other examples.

Best regards.

1/Just to verify, is the overdue also depends on what i wrote in maturity date(am saying in case i will run the wizard which will calculate if i can go to the next level or not) ;,

2/is the term maturity date “14-05-2021” in your example or what exactly ? (the example that you made for me)

yes, usually the maturity date of an invoice is calculated by the payment term.
A dunning is triggered for the next level under the following condition:

dunning report date > account move line maturity date + next (or first) level days

It is important to understand, that the levels are succeeding in a sequence. When a level is triggered, it is always the next level. Levels are not skip over.

nearly. 2021-05-13 is the maturity date. It is the invoice date 2021-05-03 + payment term 10 days.
The maturity date is the last (due) date (for the customer) to pay the open item. The days before the maturity date, the open item is undue, the days after, the open item is overdue.

I tested the dunning module some time ago, but I am not using it and I haven’t looked up the actual implementation to answer your questions. So I can only roughly describe what I would expect from its functionality. Please correct me if I am wrong.