I am looking for number ranges


With the old testversion of tryton there were number ranges installed. Now I have setup the latest version and wonder where I can get number ranges from. :dromedary_camel:

What are you naming “number ranges”?

For example when an invoice should start with number 2000 increasing the integer with the next invoice. At the moment the trytond does not start so I could change language to english. I’ll open a new topic why the server does not start.


Your number ranges are sequences in Tryton.

The sequences involving invoices can be defined from fiscal year among other sequences for accounting and so on.

I’m struggling on this one. I am sure with version 4.6.5? I had sequences to choose from.
Creating a new fiscal year seems to be complicated. Added a screenshot. Can’t choose sequencenumbers.

You should set a value for all the bold fields (which are required).

Invoices sequences are not created by default so you should create one for the fiscalyear. You can set a prefix or a suffix if needed and ajust the padding. Once created you will be able to Post invoice and it’s number will be consecutively generated using your secuends.

ok. I created a post move sequence but when I want to insert a period into the fiscalyear that post move sequence is not chooseable. It seems I’m going into a loop.
I can create a new period for the fiscalyear but then again the obligatory postmovesequence is not there/chooseable.
So I create a new postmovesequence, the compay is obligatory but the exiting one is not chooseable.
I create one, it’s inserted into the postmovesequence but when want to save I get “compayname is required” altought it is there.

Reproduced it. Must be a bug.

Once you’ve created the sequences you can use the “Create monthly periods” button to create a period for each month in the fiscalyear.

If you need to set a diferent sequence for each period you can set it after createing the periods.

OK, now I got it. Thank you!

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