How to use email templates from GUI

Is it possible to send an email from the context of a document/record while selecting from a list of relevant email templates?

To be more precise, as a user I open a particular invoice record and perhaps click on the email button, but select a related email template.

Yes you can create an E-mail Template for the model of document. It will be used to prefill the email.

I did that, but can this be used in the GUI by a user?

When I click on the email button on the document, I do not see where I can select a template.

I think I might faced before this same problem, but can not invest time on debugging or getting a reproducible environment. My solution was to restart the server because I think it’s a cache thing.

The available templates are cached in the client but also on the server side.
For the client side, you just need to reconnect but on server side it is missing some cache clearing: Clear view_toolbar_get cache when email templates are modified (#13072) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab.


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