How to set Supplier Return Shipment unit price

Currently, in Supplier Return Shipments is required to set the unit Price.

I’m not sure about how to fill it, if it should have the unit Price of the purchase related or the cost of the product at the moment of the move creation or what.

Also, I’m wondering if it can be filled automatically because in my case, the users who are creating this type of shipments have no idea about pricing…

It must be the unit price at which the product was bought. Because it will be used to recompute the new average cost price of the product so we need to know the cost of them.

This is managed if you return the purchase instead of creation manually a return shipment.
And this will have the bonus to also manage the supplier credit note.

What do you mean with ‘return the purchase’?

Create a purchase with negative quantities. This will create the return shipment and the related supplier credit note.

Indeed I thought we got a return wizard for purchase but we did not. I think it may be good to implement one like for sale.

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Agree for this implementation +1.

Most of the time, new user will not know “minus quantity” will lead to Return Shipment.
At of now, most of user will confuse how to link Purchase with return shipment, untill we tell them using “Minus Quantity”

Thanks you for the answer.
I agree with you, a wizard would simplify the workflow and minimize the user errors

I filled Issue 9049: Add Return wizard on purchase - Tryton issue tracker, feel free to make a proposal.

Sometimes the product has a defect and we want to send it to the supplier and wait receiving it back fixed. Or perhaps the supplier sent an incorrect product. There is no need for credit note. Do you still think that we have to create a negative purchase in this scenario?

You can create a purchase with two lines:

  • One with quantity -1 for the return
  • Another with quantity 1 for the new shipment of the purchase.

This will allow you to group them and to specify the expected date of the new shipment.

I know but I wonder if we have to involve the purchase department in this question… In my company we manage it with a purchase complain (outside Tryton). This is related with another discuss: Purchase complaint.

I really depend on how the company wants to manage that case. It could be like @pokoli says by using a +1/-1 but only if you want or have credit note and invoice correction sent.
Or you can just not receive the product in Tryton and keep a back-order.
Or as you said it could be managed by a complaint which will ensure the +1/-1 without invoices involved.

This is often found at reception so the best way is to not receipt it.

I think this is the way best fits my scenario. But currently there isn’t a purchase complaint module (see Purchase complaint).