How to scrap Asset Type Product?


As asset type product has the value in financial and will be depreciated.
However, asset also have quantity in Inventory. When the asset type product, is going End of life, we may need to do scrap.
For Product with type ‘Goods’, we may use “Inventory” and to location to loss and found for scrapping. However, there is no option for “Asset” type product.

What is the recommended way to do scrapping for Asset type product?

You can make an internal shipment to a “Lost and Found” location.

I am thinking that, normally company will do scrap on assets example obsolete PCs at one time.

@ced how you do think? should allow “Assets” on the “Inventory” also?

For me a company does not need to make inventory of assets because when losing an asset you must first manage the depreciation and so it must be explicit that you have lost the asset.

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