How to save trytond gis field data?

Is there a way that permit to a user create a point or polygon or line… in the form view and save it in the database if the tryton-gis fileds can not be shown in a view? because I’ve tryed to make it editing the example that is in the test folder of tryton gis, but I didn’t achieve it.

Nope, the support is only on the server side.

People could create widgets for the gtk client and distribute them with plugins but I never saw those.
I guess that on the web it should be also doable (and probably a bit easier).

Indeed the target usage is to use an existing GIS software that write GIS data directly the database.

Thanks, just to know and for documentation can you give me examples of gis software that can do that

I guess any of the PostGIS users.

I’ve used QGIS which can connect directly to PostgreSQL / PostGis. Just search the internet there is a lot of documentation there how to create a database connector and GIS layers inside it.