What is tryton-gis actually useful for?

While updateing Guix packages of Tryton to 7.0, I stepped over tryton-gis, which has a very terse description. I read most of the gis-related posts here in the forum and still have no clue what this module/package actually is useful for.

What is additionally irritating me is:

and the discussion in Geospatial support to geolocalize Parties.

  • What is the use for GIS fieleds in Tryton?
  • Are there any examples on how to use tryton-gis within Tryton (beside the code in tests/)?
  • Why making GIS fields available in Tryton at all, esp if there is no widget for them? How will the fileds be displayd in the client then?

I started a merge-request for improving the documentation of that module. If you like, you can push changins direclty to the topic tryton-gis-docu.