How to get tax report for a foreign country?


To achieve the HRMC VAT declaration for sales from EU to UK, I need to find out the total amount of sales made to UK between two dates. How can I achieve such goal? Sale report by region doesn’t work (no region documented for Parties) ; I would need a Sale report by country…

I think to export all sales between the two dates and filter them from country code. Is there a better idea?

If this is related to VAT probably you should be using the taxes for that.

I’m wondering if that information can not be extracted using the EC Sales List that is included in the account_eu module

If such report is diferent than EC Sales List and common to all europen countries we should have a dedicated report for it. Could you please share more information about such report?

Sure, it seems that EC Sale list could be part of the solution. If I install this module now, will I get reports for past dates? (I’m trying to complete due VAT returns).

Here is the pdf of the form of the HRMC:

As far as you have a specific tax related to the goods sold to UK: Yes!
You just need to set a EC Sale List Code on the Tax and it will fill with past values.

But the EC Sales List is grouping on Parties and I see you just need to get the total amount per tax.

In this case, it’s easier to create a tax code for each required value in the UK tax declaration.
Opending the Tax Code Chart will show the values of the given period and you will be able to fill the right values.

Have a look at the How to create your country localization module for accounts to get detailed information about such configuration.

Despite the advice of Cedric in VAT invoice and collect for Brexit I didn’t create theses specific tax, because I was not sure of the way to do it. And the goods I sell (books) have a 0 vat rate. The only total I need is the sale total.

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