VAT invoice and collect for Brexit


Since 2021/01/01 (Brexit), all sales from EU to UK (except Northern Ireland) requires that:
— company is registered with HMRC (UK fiscal authority), with VAT number and EORI number
— invoices print UK VAT en EORI number
— VAT is collected by the seller and paid to HMRC upon a regular basis.

How can this be implemented in Tryton? I don’t see how a foreign tax system can be added for products and be activated only when delivery address is in UK.

There is already a topic about it: Northern Ireland Protocol & VAT Numbers

The account_tax_rule_country since version 5.4 supports rules that based on the country subdivision. As the Norther Ireland is composed of 6 counties of the United Kingdom, it is possible to replace the general tax rule of UK for the European one.

I thought the topic you mention was only about the numbers. What about accounting solution to invoice now?

My idea so far is:

  • create a dedicated vat account : 445719 TVA collectée pour le compte de HMRC
  • create a tax for each UK VAT rate, containing the VAT and EORI UK numbers in description
  • create a replacement rule for each UK VAT rate, that would be applied manually…

Yes if the VAT is collected by another organism.

As usual for VAT of other countries (which we do not include in standard module).

The rule can be the general outside EU rule extended to use he new taxes for the specific subdivision thanks to account_tax_rule_country.
Or if each party of Northern Ireland are always delivery there, you can just create a specific tax rule and set it to those parties.