How to edit an account type


Between 5.0 and 5.8 some account types changed. Consequently some Product Categories used in accounting have accounts that are not any more recognized as “correct” to establish invoices. I understand that the account type must have the checkbox Revenue checked in order to allow to record a Customer invoice with a product in such categories.

Since I need to change the type for these accounts, how should I proceed:
— change the existing type
— duplicate it and check the Revenue box ony for one account ?

And is it a bug on account_fr or should each company change these settings on accounts?

Examples :
— Account Expense 65164 Droits de reproduction for a purchase invoice
— Account Revenue 741 Subventions reçues for a client invoice

The account 65164 is not in the module but its parent 6516 is and it has the expense checked.
The account 741 is neither in the module but its parent 74 does not have expense checked. But I’m not sure it is common to receive subvention via invoice.

Strange, it has no checkbox checked here. Sorry, it has been corrected between 5.8 and 6.0.

So in this case, should I create a new type or modify the type named “Subventions d’exploitation” ?

True, it’s not. But some organizations wants us to provide an invoice though…

It is easier to edit the type than adding a new one which will modify the reporting.

Make sure to update your chart of accounts. If you update the modules but you do not update the chart of accounts from the template the previous versions values will be keep.

Also, if you have the template_override checkbox active the update chart process will skip the update for this records.