How to define new Sale Invoice Grouping methods?

I’m curious about how to actually use the sale_invoice_grouping module. The documentation of the module says:

A field is added to the Party:

  • Sale Invoice Grouping Method*: The method used when grouping invoice lines.

Anyhow I did not find how to to specify the method. What did I miss?

With the module activated, if you open Party -> Parties from the main menu, select a party, then switch to Form view, you should find the Sale Invoice Grouping Method field under the Sale tab.

Thanks for the answer. Looks like my question was not precise.

Both under Party→Party→Form and Sale→Configuration one can only select a method.

How can I define a new grouping method?

Beside adding a new grouping method, you have to add also some logic to do the actual grouping. So first look a the current code in the sale-invoice-grouping. Nan-Tic has also some modules NaN-tic · GitHub which adds some extra grouping methods. No idea if those will work, but you can look at the code and see how it works.

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Or maybe I just misunderstood your question, sorry!

I think @edbo answers your question well.

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