Sale invoice grouping

I used to be very happy with sale_invoice_grouping module, it worked out of the box without any trouble.
For some time now it stopped to do so; I’m not sure whether I unintendendly changed my handling - of this could have occured since an update. Tried variants in handling (w and w/o sales date, valitated or not) but in any case in customer invoices they remain separate.

I’m on v6.0.14 for trytond and 6.0.0 for sale_invoice_grouping.


It is probably because the party does not have a sale invoice grouping method.

Thank you for your time, Cédric.

I checked that, but it’s set to “standard” in the parties in question. Noticed that my productive system was not really up to date due to mistakes in my update script. So I’ll see what happens with the next invoice to be issued.

If you have some draft invoices that need to be grouped you can delete them and the system will recreate them in a single draft invoice.

Feature is back at service. My guess is the culprit was an incomplete update of tryton modules, due to a mistake in my update script for pip.

Thanks to all!

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