How To Create Own Modules

Hello forum,

i am trying to get my own modul running, but i fail multiple times. i followed this tutorial and tried to solve all bugs by myself but it does not work. (
can maybe some one help me develop a Hello World modul and give me a step by step guid.
i getting desperate and can not find other information by google for this topic.
It seems like the hole world knows what to do but not me :slight_smile:

Thank you for ever response.

Hello Kyrill Klaus
Welcome to Tryon’s community

It could be helpful Training module for Tryton
commented in a previous post.


thank you i will work trough the wiki. It seems that it could help me.

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This is the best tutorial i have ever read. It helped me so much. Thank you a 1000 times. I hope every newbie will find this wiki.

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please feel free to ask questions in dev. forum immediately (or even contact me directly) if any questions!! You will be puzzled so many times and that (exceptionally good!) tutorial will have nothing to help.
I struggled with XML… Another problem is DevOps — how to make things running on real server, and how to deploy on “live” DB. Please, keep asking.


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