Training module for Tryton


We juste published the github repository which we (@coopengo) are using for training our new employees.

It is written for versions 4.4 / 5.0 of tryton.

Feel free to use it / request changes in issues.



Will it not be better to revive training: log
Instead of using mqueue, we could now use unpublished repository with evolve.


@JCavallo This is a great initiative to write a step by step document as a training manual to make a new developer to fully understand how to develop Tryton modules. This will be very helpful to the community at large.

@ced The Training module on the mercurial repository is a very neat way to understand the coding flow.

IMHO, as a trainer, we require both the platforms. Step by step commits making a new developer understand how the code flows along with a good training manual. I will put in my efforts to showcase the same to the community. Then we can integrate both the platforms to create a robust training manual.


@ced Well we focused on writing content for now, and on git because that’s what we are internally using.

As it’s done right now, it’s using two repositories: One with all the branches with the different steps of the training, and one with the actual text which is currently stored in the github wiki.

Switching to hg seems a lot of work due to how the module is designed (one branch per tryton version / training step). However, hosting it under a tryton-owned domain seems reasonable.

You can convert them to mercurial bookmarks

Thanks for this repository , i have been developing for odoo from 8 to 12 but am transitioning to Tryton and this repository helps clarify on the few differences on the api