How to automate report generation/ delivery by Email?

As I search the Forum I can not find some topic matching my question. Please point me if you know some topic.

I am wondering which way to go to get an automated report from Tryton. Let’s say a monthly generated Report that is to be sent to some Email without user interaction. Here in special the “aged_balances”.

Can this be done with Triggers and trytond-cron? Should I code some Script that interacts with the Tryton-Webservice via json-rpc?


We currently have no way to send scheduled reports by email.
We just allow to send notifications based on record events and allow the user to send emails directly from the user interface

Giving your case I think it’s easier to have a method on the module that should be call by trytond-cron and send the report to the desired recipients.

Altought it is possible to have a script and automate it using a normall cron I think it’s easier to develop it using the trytond-cron feature.

Thank’s for your helpful assessment.

No Idea how to write or modify modules at the moment but will read me trough the docs in the next weeks.