Notification Email to different Recipient than Creator or Modifier

Hey there!

i am trying to use the Email Notification Module. Think, i need some assistance to get started.

Bank Statements are imported automatically by script in context of a “Service-User” (dedicated Import-User in Tryton).

I want the responsible persons to get an Email Notification if there is a new Bank statement available in the system (that is not the case every day in our environment) and have added new report “Statement (Email)” with Model “account.statement”.

When configuring the notification e-mail, I can choose the recipient from “create_uid” and “write_uid”. How do I enter any other recipient here?

Field “Contact Information” of Email Notification contains only Invoice and Delivery.

And what about the Trigger? Not fully understood yet, how to use them correctly. Have set Condition to “true” to always fire and also selected “on write”.

Somelike confused at the Moment. May I get some help please?


You can only choose relation field on the document from which we can deduce an email like a user, a party.
Or instead you could use a fallback recipients which is a selected user with an email set.

The condition trigger the action only if it was evaluated to False before changes and to True after changes. So if you put always True is will never be triggered.