How to add typical expenses without invoice

I searched through the forum but could not find a solution.
How do I add expenses into Tryton when there is no invoice?
I mean expenses like employee salary, office rental and other contractual monthly expenses without explicit invoice. Are account moves the only possibility?

I understand that payroll management is difficult due to different regulatories in each state. So I guess it is best to create account moves from the data I receive from my accountant.
But what about office rental? What is the best practice here? Creation of a supplier invoice with office rental as a service product?
Or monthly payment of a bank loan?

Yes, you can create a move template to ease the introduction of such moves

It depends if you have taxes on the rent or not. For expenses with taxes I think the best option is to always create an invoice. If you do not have taxes on it you can use the statment module and create a line with the expense account directly. This also eases the process of creating the account move.

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Thank you very much!

Why is it better to create an invoice? The move template allows taxes to be integrated.

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Indeed you are completly right, if the move template has the taxes defined there is no need to use the invoice.

We recently had this question:

If I do create a move from a move template, not an invoice - are taxes (VAT) stated in this move reflected into the tax codes section and thus acknowledged in a tax test?

Yes if you include the tax lines on the move template. No if you do not define tax lines in the template.

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