How do i connect to a local tryton server?

i have installed trytond and trytond_sale on a machine running debian and ran the command python3 venv/bin/trytond -c trytond, when i went and connected (thru the tryton client) to the ip of the machine(located on my room) it says cant connect. what do i need to do to connect to the tryton on that machine

Tryton by default just listens on the local network so it can not be reached from outside.
You should create a configuration file and set the listen configuration to to make it listen on all IPv4 addresses.

After restarting the server (make sure to use the -c flag to specify the rute to your configuration file), you should be able to connect to it from any other machine.

which config file should i edit?

Tryton by default does not ship any configuration file. You should create a file, include your configuration and pass the route to this file to the server (see my previous comment about it)