Having a tryton verification box

Hello i was thinking if this solution exists or not.

I want to create a code generator that generate a new code on each invoice paid.

  1. the code generated will spend a 7days before it expire.
  2. the code would be request for by any other operation that would be done by the user to verify that this user already paid for the 7days service.
  3. after 7days and the code is entered it wont be accepted.

I do not understand why you would need such code if it is linked to a user (I guess it is a web user). You could just store the expiration date on the user and check it when he performs an action.

I want to be able to verify users each transaction day against a service we provide for the users. Amd no i would not want it for web users alone

So who are the user? Is it standard user? (this will be very odd)

Yes standard users, once they pay for a service that last for two weeks and come back after 2weeks i want the system to request for a new service be paid and the existing one paid for has expired,

I do not understand why are user paying anything? Users are normally company employees.

I mean company that pay for a service to last for a week, when next they come the sytem should be able to tell that the last payment made is due as its is over one week

This made me think of generating a code at invoice payment so that when next they come we can have the code input in a box to verify

So you are talking about “customers”.
OK but I still do not understand the business.

We offer customer a two week service free once they pay for it but we found out that we cant keep track of the service payment elapse, so we need a way to automte this process which notify us once a customer payment for a service expire

You can easily compute the date of the last sale for the service by the customer as a property of the party. So you just need to check this date whenever you have to check.

This is once they come what if they dont and what if the user attending to them did not check because this make you go to the service last done from the history. Would it not be better to put the check on so it will just notify the user creating a new service.

I do have lot of customers at once and thus cause more stress to them i belive we can automate and put this on

Do you get it now or i need to still explain.

No I can not relate to Tryton workflows.

On tryton work flow you need to go to invoice to create and bill a customer. So if the invoice created is for a product that last one week, how do you then know its up to a week before the customer come for another one,

This way you go to customer information and relate to invoice to check when last he paid for the product, this way it take too long and also what if the customer invoice is up to 10 or more you wend up checking all invoice and then start calculation on how many days it has used since last product was made

My solution is why dont we have like a timer to product or service we pick option on expire after a certain time, because we charge a service fee every week.

When i try creating a new invoice i should be notify that the last time he paid for an invoice i put on date expire already expired so i shoudl create a new one or dont

For me this sounds like nothing I ever saw. I do not understand what is your business.

Sorry for the late reply, but I noticed this in my summary emails.

@adeseg99 I also don’t understand your business, although it sounds like you are talking about the concept of a subscription. Have a look at the subscription module.

Link to the subscription module

Are you asking this because you don’t know where the modules are?

A search in Google.com provides a good result: