Having a tryton verification box

Hello i was thinking if this solution exists or not.

I want to create a code generator that generate a new code on each invoice paid.

  1. the code generated will spend a 7days before it expire.
  2. the code would be request for by any other operation that would be done by the user to verify that this user already paid for the 7days service.
  3. after 7days and the code is entered it wont be accepted.

I do not understand why you would need such code if it is linked to a user (I guess it is a web user). You could just store the expiration date on the user and check it when he performs an action.

I want to be able to verify users each transaction day against a service we provide for the users. Amd no i would not want it for web users alone

So who are the user? Is it standard user? (this will be very odd)

Yes standard users, once they pay for a service that last for two weeks and come back after 2weeks i want the system to request for a new service be paid and the existing one paid for has expired,

I do not understand why are user paying anything? Users are normally company employees.