Execute a wizard programmatically, show the wizard window

When a workflow is done, I want to call a wizard to help the user do some final stuff. I know you can programmatically call a wizard with different values. But I also want to show the wizard to the user, so the user can fill some fields.

Is this possible or should I completely move to a wizard?

I think this won’t be possible because starting the wizard should come from the client. So I have to look for another way.

You can use the ModelView.button_action decorator to launch an action that is a wizard. This button method can also be a Workflow.transition.

Yes I understand that and I’m using that already. But now I want to programmatically start a wizard and show it to the user. But this cannot be done because it’s all on the server side and the client doesn’t know. So the server have to signal the client to show a wizard / execute a command.

The only solution is to rework the workflow.

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