Error you are not allowed to modify this record

Good morning
in the module Financial when i do throw Financial/configuration/Templates/Types

and choose in “Statement” field Balance or any other feature it told me


what does that mean ! , and how i should solve it to make my record saved normally.

You can not modify the templates because they are created from a XML definition in the module.
Indeed if you need adaptation for your chart of account, it is the types in “Financial > Configuration > General Account” that you can modify once you have checked the “Override Template” box.

i didn’t find something like "General Account” that u mention it to me, i just go “Financial > Configuration > Default Account Receivable and create a new one by choosing “Balance” and checked “Assets” and “Receivable” , then i click on "update chart of accounts from templates .

then when i to do the same and choose “Balance” and checked “Assets” and “Receivable” , the same thing happen .

You are not allowed to modify this record.

This record is part of the base configuration

Am sorry for distribing, what do you mean here by i can’t modify the templates because they are created from a XML definition , if we can not modifie it so what’s the need of displaying this form view if we can not register the records on it!

It is there:

Financial menu

I do not understand what you are doing nor what you try to achieve. For me this makes no sense.

can you tell me please why in the menus :

Accounts, Tax Codes ,Taxes , Rules , i can’t make new records(those menus are under Financial > Configuration > Templates !

is there a special thing i should do it before trying to create new records in those menus!

Because they are templates that can not be modified because they are defined by XML file in the module.

Yes do nothing in those menu, there are not to be modified and you do not need to modify them because their are just templates.

Thank you @ced and if i want to use them ,How i could do that properly because when i try to make a new invoice i think i should be able to choose the taxes, tax codes, etc from this templates. But I can’t, I still just can use the same taxes templates that I made for the Minimal KontentPlan and nothing with the new SKR03.

So I’m still trying to make it happen, and I want to reach the goal of telling the tryton that this (the SKR03) is the new Chart of account we are using .

Indeed you have to create accounts, types, taxes (not templates).
This can be done automatically using a template like explained in Setup — trytond_account latest documentation