How to prepare an accounting chart in Tryton

انا استخدم tryton. في احد المستشفيات في بلدي اريد ان اتعلم كيفية إعداد مخطط المحاسبة بشكل مفصل
ارجوا المساعدة

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I guess any of the standard charts of accounts are good for you.
So if you plan to distribute your chart of accounts, you should create a module and create a template using XML. You can look at existing module as examples: account_be, account_fr or account_es.
If you just need a minimal working chart of accounts for your business, you can just create on your instances all the required accounts. You can find in the documentation the description of the major fields of an account.
I would also suggest, if you have specific questions about a field or a functionality, to start a new topic for each one.