Docker images for ppc64el (POWER) and aarch64 (ARM64) CPUs

The Docker images are only available for x86_64 (amd64) CPUs right now.

Would you be willing to distribute images for other CPUs?

There are more and more developers trying either the ppc64el or the aarch64 systems.

Some comparisons of the platforms here.

My quickstart blog about Talos II with POWER9, an interesting choice for power-users.

A blog about the SolidRun HoneyComb LX2K, a low power ARM64 workstation.

We already agreed that it will be great to add support additional architectures but nobody contributeed a patch for it.

So if you are interested, it will be great if you make the effort!

The Tryton Docker images appear to be Python code. The only problem here is that the images appear to rely on some amd64-compiled code for PostgreSQL. For Tryton itself this may not be hard to support. PostgreSQL appears to provide images for multiple architectures.