Dashboard very basics

Hello fellow friends,

recently, my dear friend @rmartin told me about the dashboard module. It sounded as if it’s a feature I’ve been missing yet; unuckily Tryton documentation does not cover it and I could not find out how to use it.

Would some fellow be so kind and explain

  • what it can do
  • how to set it up?

Please cover the basics, as always in these cases, I’ll sum up the results and make them public in Tryton community wiki for everybody’s convenience.

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf

Not sure if this is of any help?

Ah yes, it should be. Sorry I hadn’t seen it before. I’ll check if I get along with it.

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Alright. Thanks to explanation by valued fellow @albert I could do first steps:

  • install and activate dashboard module
  • choose an action from Menu > Administration > Actions > Actions: Action can be type “Window” (which others as well ?)
  • add the string ‘dashboard’ in the ‘usage’ box
  • restart your client
  • under Menu > Administration > Users > Users, ‘dashboard’ tab, choose one of the actions worked on above
  • restart your client

Now I can see “Payable/Receivable Lines” and “Customer Shipments” when opening menu > dashboard.

But these boxes don’t have any contents. What is required to populate them?

Thanks a lot in advance, Wolf

Could fellow @noosanon be so kind and share his experience?

As I could not get any forward with this - would somebody be so kind an hold a little video session on this with me? - Promised: I’ll share all findings on Tryton community wiki, so they’ll not be lost for the rest of the world… (: