Creating Fiscal Year, Periods and Sequences from Company set up wizard?

After running the company set up wizard, it is necessary to create the Fiscal Year, Periods and Sequences manually

Is there any reason these things aren’t created by the wizard?

What is the best way to register a feature request against the wizard?

Because we do not see it necessary as this is something that requires some setup and that needs to be done every year.

You propose a patch following: Tryton - How to Develop

For people who have experience installing ERP systems it will be obvious they have to go and do this manually.

For a lot of new users I feel it would be useful to guide them or prompt them to complete each mandatory step, for example, fiscal year, periods, product categories.

Another way to approach this might be to show a checklist of things they did not do yet: for example, if they did not create a fiscal year, if they did not create any products or if they did not create any parties, those things would appear on the checklist too.

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