Checklist or to-do list for setup and ongoing operations

I suggested one aspect of this in another topic but I feel it is significant enough to have its own topic.

Has anybody thought about adding a checklist or to-do list feature?

This would show a list of pending setup tasks (e.g. create Fiscal Year, create first Product, …) and other pending tasks such as filing the next VAT return, paying bills before deadlines.

In fact, Quickbooks has a To-Do list feature that helps with similar things.

This could be exported as an iCalendar feed so the tasks are visible in other productivity applications.

I agree that having a way to guide an user to first steps will be a good addition.
There is a topic about Blank state improvements but it dot not lead to any feature.

On the other hand, we have the setup wizard which ask the user to perform some operations to configure the database. The problem with such options is that it only ask for required configurations (create a company, a chart of accounts) and I do not think is right to create a wizard promting to create new parties.

Did you hae any idea on how to setup such starting to-do list?

Here is a screenshot of the Quickbooks Reminders list. A list like this could be used for both setup tasks (Create Sequence, Create Fiscal Period, Create a Product, …) and also ongoing reminders (e.g. Reconcile Bank, Close Period, Submit VAT form, …)

I want to add a sidenote but don’t want to derail the discussion:

Sidenote about screenshots

I’m also following Blender a tool for creating 2D / 3D animations and models etc. It’s a completely different ballgame but the principles are the same Open Source versus Closed Source. They are way bigger then Tryton is and they have had a legal battle with a closed source vendor. So they created strict guide lines and one of them is not to upload screenshots from closed source software. So I would recommend to read where the chairman explains the guidelines.

Again I know, Tryton is not that big and maybe I’m paranoid … but to prevent the slightest ammunition IMO it’s better to not show screenshots from closed source software.

Tryton can have an ir.task like ir.note or ir.attachment. A task can be added to any resource, but also be a general one. Users then have a list of tasks which have to be done. When Tryton server is initialized for the first time, it adds automatically some tasks. The same for modules (no idea if that is going to work). Maybe the dashboard module should be default in Tryton and showed by default. On the dashboard the tasks can be listed.