Configure printer for works with tryton


I will help if someone let me know how to configure a predeterminated printer in tryton. I have sometimes more than 1 printer in the computer, so I need to specify in which tryton should print.

I can’t find where to configure in the client, but after I use the icon of print and select the document, I receive the see screen.

The direct print button works only on Windows because it has a standard command for that.
On Linux or MacOS, there is no such standard so we use respectively xdg-open and open. And if they fail, it fallback to just save the document.

Thanks for the info. The trouble comes when I update to 5.2, it works with 4.8 and 5.0 but not with the last update, I was thinking that maybe some config is missing.

Which trouble? There was no changes about this topic in this release.

In the same computer I used 4.8 and 5.0 with tryton and I can print fine. But when I upgrade to 5.2 in the same computer can not print anymore, it’s stranger. I verified that the computed has not received updates too. By the way, tryton can save the report and after print it.